Novafusion - Intense Ruby Red

Novafusion - Intense Ruby Red

Intensifies brilliant red-violet tones in coloured or natural hair. Designed for medium-darker red-violet colours. You could also possibly use on white blonde hair for a pink tone, depending on the colour of your blonde would depend on the shade of pink you would get - tho i haven't seen or tried this mix yet!


Can be left on for a few minutes while in the shower (or up to 20minutes depending on how much colour your want or need). I usually wash my hair first with my normal De Lorenzo shampoo, then rinse, make sure i have my towel over the back of the shower & give my hair a good towel dry then apply chose novafusion shampoo, massage in really well all over your head (otherwise you will have more colour to where ever you applied it all to), then i wash my face & body, then rinse out novafusion shampoo & condition with novafusion conditioner to help lock in novafusion colour.


It's more of a home maintenance product, so if your blonde or dark blonde and want to refresh your hair for the weekend of special night but don't necessarily need your colour done, just rejuvenated. Not needed for everyday or every time you wash your hair as it bulids up in your hair. So you will need to stop using it for a couple of weeks before you get your professional colour done to avoid overtoning or over colouring.


Colours can be intermixed if you want to try something new or added to warm up or cool down your current novafusion shampoo. So when i was white blonde, yes white blonde, i used to mixed silver & rosewood together, a pretty pinky silver.



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