Sometimes we are unable to answer the phone

due to having our hands full at the basin,

hairdryers going or helping a client with retail, appointments

or they have popped in for a chat


 To help us out would you please leave us a message + include

- your full name

- phone number

- what you are looking to have done

- a few days + times you will be free for the appointment 


By doing this you are not only helping us,

but I can get the ball rolling on a possible time, 

making sure confirmations are in or

sometimes it's just a matter of asking someone to come 30 mins earlier or

later to fit you in, this takes some time for responses

Whilst we love talking to you, we also need to keep on time,

otherwise we could end up running 15-20mins late

which isn't good for clients expecting use to be ready when they arrive

If we need to talk to you more about your appointment

we will ring you back when we have 15mins to make some calls


Other options:

Is to text us  on 0407338488 

- a text can usually be responded to quickly


A direct message to our social media inbox

Facebook: here! 

Instagram: here!

However you contact us, please know it is important to us + we will get back to you asap!

Thankyou for your patience + understanding


Thankyou for submitting an inquiry!