Isn't life just so busy these days, running kids around,

working more & technology, well who knows if we will ever keep up with that!

All this busyness makes us forget about our own selfcare!


So we need to make time!

Make time for you + your own mental health + wellbeing, 

fill your cup up so you can continue to fill your precious little families!

Cos a burnt our mummy isn't very funny, pun intended! 


Book some time out for YOU!

Switch off your phone,

sit in a quite relaxed space,

low volume, easy listening music

(no doof doof or head banging stuff),

trashy mags, a cuppa & conversation if you wish.

You can even close your eyes and meditate too!

Wear your most comfy clothes, no makeup if you wish + hair everywhere

(cos you know that's where we come in) 

Know that you are in very experienced hands,

the aim is to find styles

+ colours that work with your lifestyle

+ the busyness of life, making it easier

+ enjoyable for you to pamper yourself every so often!

So you can enjoy the best things life has to offer + family time! 


Part of our commitment to our Hairdressing career is to constantly update our skills + knowledge, so whether you bring in an inspiration picture (can also save it to your file too), 

literally leave it up to us (which we love by the way) 

or you are aiming to just to go lighter or grow your hair longer, we'll always give helpful advice, tips + tricks to educate you along the way!

Always with you in mind!

Although we won't push product, we do recommend

using salon professional products, for two reasons:

1 - it will help keep your colour lasting longer,

that soft hair feeling will continue with you at home.

Every brand has different ingredients

+ some brands are just cheap + nasty

so please don't waste the money

you just spent on your new soft beautiful colour

by using products that will fade your hair quicker.

There's other factors that can also determine your hair health + colour longevity,

such as medication, if you haven't been well, sun, stress + many other things.

It's also important for us to know some of these,

as we can adjust your formula or give different options. 

2 - We genuinely want you to be able to do your hair at home + have similar results

(even though we are professionals at this, it isn't easy doing hair from a different angle,

so we too, sometimes have issues with this)

The best part, there's lots of packs + specials within salon to help,

cos we know you've probably tried a lot of different products,

we want to make it easy for you to try ours!

Checkout our Gallery here !