Life is just so busy these days, running kids around, working more & technology,

well who knows if we will ever keep up with that.


Sometimes its nice just to have some YOU TIME or ME TIME as i like to call it.

Switch off your phone, sit in a quite relaxed space, low volume, easy listening music

(no doof doof or head banging stuff), trashy mags, a cuppa & conversation if you wish.

You can even close your eyes and meditate too!

You don't have to sit in front of a mirror if you don't want to

(when it comes to cutting your hair you would).

You can even turn up without make up on & in your trackies or casual wear.

Knowing that your Hairdresser is creative with colour & cutting, and that you are in good hands.

Making sure your style is manageable, brightens up your face, suits you, brings out your eyes

& doesn't accentuate the red patches on your face. 

Or tell you to keep your hair dark, when your white hair comes thru in 1 week, which annoys you.

Achieving amazing colours for you.

Constantly attending online & in person, cutting & colour education so we have the tools & knowledge to help you achieve your hair goals!

Keeping the integrity of your hair is paramount.

Recommending salon professional products as you don't want your professionally done colour to fade out in 2 week as it cost you over $100 to be done = money down the drain.

You can also send us a picture of the style/colour/haircut

you are wanting to achieve & we can save it to your file!

Checkout our Gallery here !


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58590637 or 0407338488

Tuesday: 9am - 5/6pm - late by appointment

Wednesday: 9am - 5/6pm

Thursday: 9am - 5/6pm

Friday: 9am - 5/6pm - no late night

Saturday 8am - 12noon

Sunday & Monday: closed 

Eftpos also available.